Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yeah, I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag Baby

I opened a box, thinking that it was a treasure box. But as time passed by, I realized it was a Pandora's box.

Damn, here comes regret. Stupidity comes along, ripping my brain into fragments.

I wish I never opened it. I wish I never found it at all, nor had the courage to open it.

Ugh! Now I thought, what would be more tormenting? Opening the box or not opening it?  I dunno, perhaps I should've opted for the latter.

This is so wrong, me, being bold about doing the wrong things, and being scared when it comes to the right ones. They're all right, I never was a grown-up. In their eyes, I'm always a kid, someone driven by Id alone.

I guess they're right, cos I can't prove that I'm not.

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