Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock on: Alternative Rock

I love rock music because it's loud and full of spirit. Alternative rock, while not that ear-deafening, is counted in the list as well. If you're also a fan of this genre, then you might have heard about these artists, or at least their pieces. Here are some of my favourite alternative rock bands. 

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Sad to say, Oasis is no more, but they have left a couple of good songs before disbanding.

"All we seem to know is how to show the feelings that are wrong."

Other favourites: 
Stand by Me
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Don't Look Back in Anger
Champagne Supernova


"I was lost, I was lost. Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed."

Other favourites:
Fix You
The Scientist
Viva la Vida


"Nice to know you. Goodbye!"

Other favourites:
I Miss You
Wish You Were Here
Are You In?


"I wish I was special. You're so f*cking special."

Other favourites:
My Iron Lung
High and Dry
No Surprises

Third Eye Blind

"I'm alright on my own, and then I met you."

Other favourites:
How's It Going to Be
Semi-charmed Life
Never Let You Go

I Want You


R.I.P Kurt Cobain

"She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak."

Other favourites:
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
All Apologies

Dashboard Confessional

"I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself."

Other favourites:
Rapid Hope Loss
Hands Down
Screaming Infidelities

Secondhand Serenade

"Tell me, tell me what makes you think that you are invincible?"

Other favourites:
Stay Close, Don't Go
A Twist in My Story
Fall for You

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