Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 C's: My Life

Before posting random sh*t stuff, I'd like to start off by giving some f*cks facts about me. Hope you enjoy reading this post and subscribe to my blog as well. :)

1st C: Computer Games 
My first and one and only love, playing video games is something I couldn't live without (seriously). Actually, I have put it on the 1st level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, along with the physiologic ones. Label me an addict if you like, I won't deny it. My penchant for video games, anime, and manga started when I was a little kid, when family computer, Sega, and Nintendo dominated the video game world. It continued when I reached elementary, where I received Sony's greatest gift to humanity, the PlayStation. If you ask me which video games have consumed my sleepless nights for years, that would be Tekken and Final Fantasy. My cousin and I like Tekken so much that we will cut classes and skip lunch just to have our hands on it. We were that enthusiastic to study each and every move of our favourite characters. If that were a subject, I guess we've got the highest grade in the class. LOL. About Final Fantasy, the series that I spent most time and effort playing is Final Fantasy X. You know it, Yuna and Tidus, the famous underwater kissing scene! You can do lots of things in the game (side quests) such as Blitzball and upgrading your character's stats and weapons. Imagine, I've wasted a week playing the thunder-dodging mini-game in order to get the Venus Sigil to activate Lulu's Celestial Weapon - Onion Knight. 

The magical kiss that every gamer who had played this game wished to experience. LOL

YouTube it to watch the whole scene. :D

2nd C: Cats
I really love these feline creatures, particularly the tubby and fluffy ones! My first pet cat was named "Patty". I got this name from a cartoon I was watching when I was 4. She had a tabby coat. She used to sleep next to me on my bed. I couldn't remember how she's gone (I was 4 y/o that time!). Then after few years, I had another pet. She liked to be held in my arms, so I named her "Kilik" (mahilig magpakilik). While Patty got a tabby coat, Kilik's was like a calico - parti-coloured coat. Unfortunately, Kilik left because of old age (T_T). And then "Patreng" came, I became happy again (haha). Although Patreng was not as cuddly as Patty and Jenny, I loved playing with her. The name Patreng was coined from patpatin as she appeared malnourished (despite feeding her everyday). One day, my brother told me that she's dead already. I almost spanked his face for telling such a joke. Weeks have passed, and she didn't return. Okay, D-A-B-D-A, that's life. Luckily, she left two kittens (which are already grown-ups now), Mamba (named after Kobe Bryant) and Patreng II (albeit not patpatin). 

3rd C: Cheese
Cheeeeeeeeessseeee! Although fattening, I can't help myself from consuming cheese in my diet. Now you know why, LOL. My favourite cheesy treats include Cheesecake (Blueberry & Strawberry), Cheesy Pops (Pizza Hut), all-cheese pizza (Barj), grilled cheese, Laughing Cow cheese wedges, strawberry cheesecake Blizzard (DQ), Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno, to name a few (meaning there's a lot more XD).

Note: Cheesy human beings not included. 

4th C: Coffee
Once a coffee addict, always a coffee addict. Well, not too much now. Before, I used to drink 5 cups of coffee everyday, hopefully I was able to control my caffeine consumption. The coffee blend I love the most is Caramel Macchiato (esp. when you order it at Starbucks  - surreal). Since I can't make one at home, instant coffee would suffice (Great Taste TRIO Cappucino and Nescafe 3in1 Brown 'n Creamy). 

5th C: Canned Goods
LOL. I dunno, but a week won't pass without opening a few cans of processed food. It's hard to have the knowledge but you don't have the skills to apply the former. I love watching culinary shows such as IronChef, MasterChef, Hell's Kitchen, and even Quickfire. It turns out that I'm more of a gourmand than a gourmet. Haha. 

Nonsense? Yeah, I realized that too, after writing out this whole crap. LOL

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